Plumber Mate™ Sulfur Filters

For Chemical-Free Hydrogen Sulfide Removal

Remove Sulfur And Bad Odor From Your Water

Remove Sulfur From Your Whole House

Premium Series Sulfur filters come with our exclusive electronic control valve, designed for “air draw” operation.  This creates an air pocket inside the filter for increased oxidation to make the Hydrogen Sulfide more filterable without the use of chemicals.

Plumber Mate Sulfur filters use highly effective Catalytic activated carbon, which adsorbs the Hydrogen Sulfide, so it is removed from your water.  The activated carbon also removes harmful impurities, tastes and odors to enjoy  high quality water from every faucet in your home!

Remove Rotten Egg Odor From Water

Well water often contains Hydrogen Sulfide, resulting in “rotten egg” odors. Well water may also contain pesticides, Radon, VOCs and harmful chemicals.  Sulfur Shield systems are designed to remove Hydrogen Sulfide and these other impurities without using chemicals in most installations.  However, if your water contains bacteria, water treatment chemicals may be required for disinfection.

Chemical Free!

Premium Series Plumber Mate Sulfur filters use a chemical-free approach to Hydrogen Sulfide removal when bacteria are not present.

If your well contains bacteria you may need chemicals for disinfection. 


Model NumberTank SizeFilter MediaFlow Rate (GPM)
PM-PS-SS-SRB-150-AD10X54Coconut Shell Catalytic carbon + KDF 8510
PM-PS-SS-SRB-200-AD12X54Coconut Shell Catalytic carbon + KDF 8512
PM-PS-SS-SRB-300-AD14X65Coconut Shell Catalytic carbon + KDF 8516
These systems come with our exclusive lifetime limited warranty.

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